Company Profile

Globe Media Asia is a leading print and digital publisher in Southeast Asia.

With a wide network of contributors in all of the region’s countries we continue to connect our readers and partners in Southeast Asia and the world to the stories that matter.

Constantly expanding our digital presence and portfolio while growing the depth of our coverage, we aim to become Southeast Asia’s leading online resource by providing fresh perspectives, trustworthy information and forward-thinking views via widely accessible content to an ever growing, increasingly global readership in a region of over 600 million.

Backed by the use of advanced technologies, a solid reputation and a trusted international team of 25 editors, designers, photographers and business executives our vision is to become a major resource of high-quality information and knowledge on the topics that matter to our audiences.

In publishing, our regular titles include:

We also produce high-quality custom publications for airlines, corporations and organizations. Contact our team to learn how we can help you to produce your own magazine!